Damn-Straight Hair Straightening Brush

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Say goodbye to your time wasting, hair damaging flat iron and hello to your new "hotness"! 

  • Fastest heat up time in the industry.

  • Heats up to the PERFECT temperature every time!

  • No gimmicky temperature controls needed.

  • Does not burn hair

  • Straightens hair in half the time

The Damn Straight hair straightening brush brings the level of quality you should expect in a high-end flat iron to the simplicity of a hair brush. We use only high quality Italian ceramic in our brush which truly sets it apart from the rest. 

Now you can straighten your hair while giving your hair the special treatment it deserves. The Damn Straight hair straightening brush gently but very effectively straightens your hair without applying immense pressure to your hair and essentially frying it like a flat iron does. With the Damn Straight brush your hair stays healthy and comes out shiny, silky smooth every time!

Damn Straight works on all hair types. Even those super difficult, stubborn hair types are no match for the Damn Straight brush. 

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